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Hi, I am Yana, a professional photographer based in Coral Gables and Miami, Florida.

Yana Star Photography specializes in creating magazine-quality images across a range of styles including family, maternity, motherhood, children, portrait, and fashion photography. Leveraging advanced studio lighting and premium equipment, ensuring each photo session delivers exceptional, stunning results that capture your unique moments with clarity and beauty.

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Latest Works

Mommy & Me Sessions
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Mommy & Me Session

A 'Mommy and Me' photoshoot beautifully captures the special bond between mother and child. These sessions highlight moments of joy, love, and laughter, creating cherished memories.
My approach ensures a comfortable setting, allowing these genuine emotions to naturally unfold in the photographs.
Perfect for commemorating milestones or everyday affection, these images become treasured keepsakes of your journey together.
Maternity Sessions
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Maternity Session

A maternity photoshoot captures the beauty and emotion of your pregnancy journey. These sessions celebrate the anticipation of new life and the strength of expectant mothers.
My tailored approach ensures each photo reflects the joy and serenity of this special time.
These cherished keepsakes will one day tell the story of your maternity experience to your child, preserving these precious moments forever.
Family session
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Family Session

A family photoshoot is more than just a session; it's an invaluable chance to capture the essence of your family's bond and create memories that will last a lifetime.
As life changes and children grow, these photos serve as a timeless reminder of the love and connection you share. They tell your family’s unique story through expressions, interactions, and those candid moments of joy or quiet togetherness.
My approach focuses on creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere, allowing each family member’s personality to shine through, ensuring that every photo reflects the special qualities that make your family unique.
Children Sessions
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Children Session

A children's photoshoot captures the enchanting stages of your child's early years, from playful giggles to the whimsical exploration of their growing world.
These sessions are not just about creating beautiful portraits, but also about preserving the spontaneous and genuine expressions of childhood. As children change so quickly, these photographs become a treasured window back to moments that might otherwise fade with time.
My photoshoots are designed to be fun and engaging for your child, ensuring that we capture their true spirit and personality in every shot. These images will become cherished artifacts of their youthful exuberance, held dear by families for generations.
Headshot Sessions
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Headshot Sessions

A professional headshot is crucial for making a strong first impression in our visual world. Suitable for professionals across all fields, a quality headshot conveys confidence and professionalism.
My sessions are designed to capture your unique personality and professional essence with expert lighting and technique. These images enhance your online presence and professional materials, ensuring you stand out in your industry.
Individual Sessions
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Individual Session

An individual photoshoot is a perfect opportunity to express your personal story and highlight your unique essence. These sessions are tailored to reflect your personality and style in meaningful settings.
My focus is creating a comfortable and empowering experience that captures the best of who you are. The resulting portraits celebrate your individuality, enhancing both personal and professional profiles, and serve as a timeless testament to your journey and identity.
Newborn Sessions
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Newborn Session

A newborn photoshoot is a precious opportunity to capture the fleeting moments of your baby’s early life. These first weeks fly by, and a professional photoshoot ensures you preserve the delicate details—the tiny toes, soft curls, and sleepy smiles—that define this magical time. Not only do these photos serve as a cherished keepsake, but they also tell the beginning of your child's story in the most tender way. At my studio, I create a warm, safe environment for your newborn, using gentle techniques to capture beautiful, serene portraits that your family will treasure for generations.
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